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It all starts with the first drop of rain, that first new grass sprout, the new season, that familiar black dot on the ultrasound screen……LIFE


The Landor stud’s Warmblood sport horses are bred specifically for the Olympian discipline of showjumping, where by careful continuous selection and upgrading of our mare herd we strive to breed great talented and athletic sport horses for both amateur and professional riders alike with the emphasis on rideability, willing work-like nature, great soundness and a good safe mind.

After weaning the foals, they grow up together with the rest of the herd in a non-stressed environment in large pasture paddocks where we place great care on the management of all our grazing as we believe that good food and clean water contribute 95% to the health and development of the animal.

We back our youngsters at 3 and a half to four years of age where they are then produced into the sport and offered to the market.

All our reproduction work, general care, backing and producing of the young horses are done in-house at the Stud.


Landor Stud’s Meatmaster Sheep Stud was established in May 2019 with the purchase of our first hand picked pure bred Meatmaster breeding ewes. The Meatmaster breed was established in the early 90’s as a fat tailed, woolless sheep bred from the two well known Damara and Dorper breeds as a meat producer.

Very specific superior genetic characteristics were sought after and bred onwards. Characteristics like great mother instincts, early and high fertility where twins are expected from their second lambing onwards, medium build with good limbs in order to cover great distances in the arid Karoo and extremely good area adaptability.

They are both browsers and grazers and have good parasitic resistance. The ewes wean good weaner lambs of good weight and meat quality.

Over the years the Meatmaster breed has grown exponentially in popularity and is very true to its slogan as “Nature’s moneymaker”.

At the Landor Stud we continue striving to breed superior animals by using in our reproduction programs Laparoscopy artificial frozen semen insemination from the best Meatmaster rams available to us. We will achieve full stud status with our animals in the next two generations of offspring and we are looking forward to becoming known as one of the top Meatmaster breeders of superior quality.

Compost & Hay

The Landor Stud’s farm is in full production, producing its own Organic Compost with the basic ingredients of horse/sheep manure and grass, where half of the production get used on the farm as a “super fertilizer” to grow the next seasons hay. The balance we offered for sale to the market for either a growth medium or as fertilizer to grow absolutely anything, from flowers to vegetables, used in nurseries and gardens.

The composting process takes up to six months in the summer months and up to eight months in the winter. It gets built, processed and cured. The total heated process is very important to achieve a superior weed free lab tested product.

The Landor Stud’s farm is in full hay production, producing its own hay. The farm produces Eragrostis and Smutsfinger grass. In a co-operation agreement with other farm owners, we produce Lusern, Rhodes grass, and Teff in square and round bales that we offer for sale to the market.

Our clients include stable yards, feedstores and the state.

Farm Cottage

The Landor Stud’s farm cottage is situated on the stud farm surrounded by farm animals. It is completely private with its own entrance to the farm, fully fenced and pet friendly.

The self-catering cottage sleeps four people in two bedrooms with a queen size and two single beds. The cottage has a fully equipped kitchen, a lounge with a lovely freestanding fireplace, a TV nook with DSTV and a scullery adjoining the open plan kitchen . The cottage has a Weber braai and a lovely covered patio.

The cottage was completely renovated in the first half of 2020 and opened its doors for business in June 2020.

All visitors are welcome to transverse all over the farm and come up to the main dwelling to experience the farm animals close up in the late afternoon.

Our area offers plenty of activities and some great and famous eateries. We are 90 min drive from the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria areas and a mere 50 minutes drive from the West Rand.

The Landor Stud farm lies at the foot of the well-known Breedt Nek pass famous for the Battle of Nooitchedacht on the 13th December 1900 in the Boer war. The pass also offers exceptional views and solitude. It can only be accessed by 4 x4 vehicles, mountain bikes, quad bikes and by foot.